Nutella Brownies

I swear to god baking brownies aren’t as easy as it seems. Sure, it doesn’t require a list of complexed ingredients, and it’s all about the mixing. However, the problem comes after when we are supposed to know when they are done and ready to be out of the oven. Alas, but I think I […]

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the wall (2)

He looked around in vain, in the pouring rain. For a girl, he prayed. This time, one who’d stay.  His eyes wandered around, to find his perfect one.              

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“2017 is going to be like any other year and truthfully, nothing special.” That couldn’t be any false.   2016 – 2017 –   I have been away for a long time but writing a post on and regarding the year or the subsequent year is lives on, folks. To be honest, if I were […]

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one of the many things I am proud of is being able to make decisions with my mind. i refuse to listen to my heart. my heart is an emotional wreck. it has caused enough ruckus that even after fixing the pieces, the crack is still vivid. i’ve explicitly stated that I have trust issues. […]

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Nutella “Marble” Cake

Disclaimer: This was my second attempt in making this cake. The first tasted a little too sweet and was hella burnt. Thus, I modified the recipe and will include tips along the way so as to make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes I did.   Ingredients: 227g unsalted butter – room temperature 240g granulated […]

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Zo and Ari – he longs

Vinn… All I did was get that girl a job. A job that was mine. I tendered my resignation a few months ago but wasn’t allowed to officially leave until I had trained the new staff recruited by the management. According to Shania, head of the East-side library, there had not been one application written […]

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